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We’ll do literally anything to get longer, more beautiful lashes. There’s nothing stopping people from trying to improve their natural lashes, whether it’s by using serums which *might* stain the skin on our eyelids or pressing animal hair onto our lids.

We may have been influenced by our desire for longer lashes to go to extremes. Or, companies might have suggested a risky way to improve our lash line. There are many ways to lengthen our lashes.

Magnetic lashes are one way to do this. This sounds like something from a physics book, but was created in 2014 by an insider beauty who was frustrated with the limited options in the false eyelash world.

We’ll talk about magnetic lashes, their workings, and whether they are a good choice. We will also discuss how the Lashif DIY Lash Extension System works, and how it compares with its magnetized counterparts.

What are magnetic lashes?

In 2014, the first magnetic lashes appeared. They were initially made to replace strip false lashes that were attached with toxic glues containing formaldehyde, cyanoacrylates and other chemicals.

First, magnetic lashes were applied by placing two bands along your lashline. The first magnetic lashes worked by placing two bands on your lash line. One band had a strip of magnets underneath your lashes and the second band was over your lashes. Magnets on the bands held the extensions in position.

How Magnetic Lash evolved

Early prototypes had problems. During removal, they were notorious for damaging or removing the natural lashes. The lashes were heavy because of the two magnetic bands and the additional layers needed to hold them in place.

Most magnetic lashes today work either by the sandwich method (similar but updated to the original) or using a magnetic liner.

How do magnetic lashes work?

Magnetic eyelashes are available online and in stores. They usually come in two different formats.


The magnetic lashes are similar to the original magnetic lashes, but they have a few improvements. The updated version is smaller and does not have two bands of lashes that are sandwiched between your natural lashes. This is a cluster of lashes with a band underneath.

The newer types of lashes have a thinner bottom band that helps distribute weight more evenly. This makes the lashes lighter and more comfortable. They are not a good solution to a full set of lashes. They are good for adding a few extra lashes as and when needed.


Magnetic eyeliner sets are another option for magnetic lashes. This type of magnetic eyeliner contains iron oxides. The eyeliner should be applied like any other eyeliner and allowed to completely dry.

Three to five magnets are attached to the upper eyelash at the point where the eyeliner was applied. The eyeliner’s iron oxide attracts the magnets, which keeps them in place.


Magnetic lashes are a great solution for those who have an allergy to some types of lash adhesive or find it difficult to apply strip lashes. There are a few things to consider before you use magnetic lashes:

The majority of magnetic lash strips come in a standard size. It’s likely that you will have to trim and adjust them to fit your eye shape.

They do not feel secure. Magnetic lashes have been criticized by many users for not feeling secure. Although they should technically stay in place, they can feel loose or like they’re about to slip off.

To remove the eyeliner with iron oxide, you’ll need to use a special makeup remover. The eye makeup remover must be able to completely remove iron oxides from the eye area.

It can take some time to get used to magnetic eyeliner if you’re not good at liquid eyeliner. The application is the same as liquid eyeliner. It is not necessary to be an artist to use this product, but it does require you to be able draw a good line.

Magnetic lashes are not allowed in MRIs. You must remove your magnetic lashes before undergoing this procedure.

The magnetic lashes must be removed every day. Magnetic lashes can’t be worn for a long time.


Magnetic lashes may seem like the best solution if you want to avoid glue or the salon and pay a lot for expensive lash extensions. If you’re looking for lashes that are natural-looking (even when they’re at their fluffiest), and will last more than a day, Lashify could be the solution.


Lashify is a great method for anyone, even beginners. The Lashify method uses Bonds that are free of cyanoacrylates, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals. It also contains natural ingredients to nourish your lashes like biotin and lavender.

Our Bonds keep our Gossamer Lashes in place. They come in different sizes and lengths, so you can get the look you want.


We filled a market need. We wanted beautiful, cruelty-free false lashes that would look like they were professionally applied, but didn’t want spend hours at the salon, or tons of money.

We created Gossamer lashes. Our lashes have been designed to be weightless. Even our longest, most dramatic lashes are comfortable to wear.


Our Bonds actually work to protect your eyelashes, unlike other glues. They are flexible and never completely cure. They can bend along with your natural eyelashes, preventing breakage.


Saturn Beauty Co’s application method is ideal for both beginners and experts. There are a lot of tutorials to get you started. But it is really easy to apply. Underlash technology is used to apply our Gossamer Lashes. The lashes are placed beneath your natural lashes to reduce the weight of your lash line.


The ease of getting a new set of lashes is one of the main reasons why people choose to have them done. For a few months, you don’t need to apply mascara or lash extensions.

Lashify allows you to achieve similar wearability at home. Gossamer eyelashes will last for up to 10 days with proper care. You can wear your glam look for as long as you like or change to something less dramatic if you need to.

You have the power to make changes at any moment.


It’s easy to remove Gossamer Lashes and will not damage your natural eyelashes. You only need a dual-phase oil-based makeup removal product to gently remove your lashes.

What’s the best part? The best part? You can use your Gossamer eyelashes over and over again. To keep them safe, you only need to store them in the original cartridges.

It all starts with more control

The Control Kit will help you achieve the lashes that you want without the need for harsh fake lashes, heavy magnetic kits or drugstore faux lashes. The Control Kit includes everything you need to apply Gossamer Lash Tech and Be Your Own Lash Tech.

Each kit includes:

You can choose between two sets of Gossamer eyelashes. You can choose between a set of lashes that are effortlessly wispy or a mega-glam look. We’ve got your back.

The Fuse Control Wand is available in Classic Curve or Petit Curve. This ensures that you always get the right application. The Fuse Control Wand is better than tweezers for reaching hard-to reach areas like the inner and outer corners of the eye.

Glass Finishing Coat. Glass Finishing Coat is the best way to seal and coat your lashes so they last longer.

Whisper Light Bond. This is our most popular Bond. It keeps your Gossamer eyelashes in place for a long time.

Wandoms in a pair. Covers for your Fuse Control Wan that will prevent your wand from sticking onto your Gossamers. This is a must-have to ensure easy application.

Pre-cleanse & Melt Away samples. Samples of the best lash remover and cleanser. Pre-cleanse is also a great facial cleanser.

Magnifying mirror and hard case. All your Lashy things in one place.

You can easily get the lashes that you want, without using dangerous adhesives, serums or animal fur. All you need is Lashify, and some knowledge.

It’s magnetic

You may not be attracted to the look and feel of Lashify Gossamer Lashes, but they will certainly draw you in with their simplicity. Were you able to catch our wit? Check out our reviews to see how many people switched from salon lashes and Lashify.

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